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Articles by Dr. Khalifeh

Brightening Your Pearly Whites: The Facts on Tooth Whitening
Have you noticed the growing array of whitening toothpastes and tooth bleaching products in the toothpaste aisle at your local grocery or drugstore? Do you know someone who’s had tooth whitening treatments at their local dentist? Have you wondered whether these products or procedures can work for you, and if they’re safe? MORE…

Reduce Your Risks from Oral Cancer
Many adults don’t realize that their twice-yearly teeth cleaning is also an important part of cancer-prevention. When your dentist takes a look at your teeth and gums, he or she is checking for overall oral health. This check has also enabled Americans to reduce the incidence of cancers of the mouth, lips, and surrounding tissues in adult men and women. MORE…

Why Fluoride is Important to Dental Health
Fluoride helps teeth fight decay by repairing or restoring the loss of minerals on the tooth enamel. Loss of minerals in the enamel is what causes cavities. Bacteria present in the mouth produce acids that eat at the surface of the tooth, damaging the natural balance of minerals that make up the tooth’s enamel. When fluoride is present in the tooth enamel itself (as in the teeth of individuals who ingested sufficient fluoride as their teeth were forming), or on the surface of the tooth (from ongoing use of fluoridated water or other sources), the enamel can actually repair or “remineralize” early decay. MORE…

Teething: A 21-Year Process
The arrival of your child’s first baby teeth in the first year of life is an exciting development, even though it’s often accompanied by excessive drooling and cranky baby behavior. But many parents tell me they are confused about the progression of teeth eruptions after those first incisors arrive, about when to start dental hygiene, when to worry if the teeth don’t seem to be coming in properly., and how to handle emergencies involving their children’s teeth and gums. MORE…

The Facts on Dental X-Rays
The dental x-ray, or “radiograph,” is one of the dentist’s most important diagnostic tools. Radiography shows the presence and severity of tooth decay between and inside teeth and around restorations, such as crowns or existing fillings. It can also show broken or cracked teeth or bones, which happen all too frequently during sports activities. Radiography can also reveal abscesses, gum disease, bone infections, or space and alignment problems (“malocclusions”) in a child’s emerging teeth. MORE…

Filling Chips and Cavities
Today, amalgam is still the most affordable and, in many ways, most durable way to seal a cavity and prevent further decay. But several other choices now exist for presenting a natural smile to the world. Understanding the alternatives will help you make an informed choice if you or a family member need a tooth repair sometime in the future. So let’s take a brief look at the types of fillings now in use. MORE…

Dental Implants Let Patients Smile Again
Tooth loss is a sad reality for millions of Americans. The best solution is prevention, of course. But if an accident, severe tooth decay, or periodontal disease have left you with a gap in your smile, take heart. Working with a qualified dentist trained in the science of tooth replacement, almost anyone can recover the ability to chew, talk, and smile without discomfort or embarrassment. MORE…

Overcoming Bad Breath
Bad breath, also known by the medical term “halitosis” (coined in 1921 by the makers of Listerine) is an embarrassing condition that is all too common. According to a 2002 study in the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, up to 60 percent of children and adults are plagued with chronic bad breath. The desire to overcome it fuels a $10 billion industry of mouthwash and breath fresheners in every conceivable flavor and form. MORE…

When Teeth Wear Down
You’d think that 21st century humans wouldn’t suffer from the dental problems that plagued the cavemen and women. But, when it comes to tooth wear, you’d be wrong! The teeth of adults and children are susceptible to several processes that can destroy protective enamel, the tooth below the enamel, and even the nerves and blood vessels in the tooth. MORE…

Are You Afraid of Dentists? (Dental Fear)
Is the mere thought of going to the dentist enough to make your heart pound, your palms sweat, and your mouth go dry? You might be surprised to discover that you’re not alone. People of all ages and backgrounds are affected by anxiety about dental procedures. MORE...

What Makes a Dentist a Good Dentist?
In the U.S., dentistry is a licensed profession, practiced only by individuals who have graduated from undergraduate school and dental school and have then passed stringent state licensing examinations. But how do you tell if your dentist is a good dentist? MORE...

Tricks of Sweets
From a dentist’s perspective, I see the destructive effects of sugar snacks in children every day of the year. Cavities don’t arise from a single night of overindulgence, but from an ongoing lack of good brushing and flossing, or the lack of fluoride protection for formative teeth. Such self-care is even more of an issue for kids with orthodontics, because the fixtures readily trap food particles that attract bacteria, the culprit in all tooth decay. MORE...

(Nutrition) Don’t Let Your Teeth Show What You Eat
While most people who pay attention to their health already know the basics, it’s worth stressing that what you eat really does affect your mouth and your gums. MORE...

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